Monero Web Miner (XMR)

Mining monero made simple! Run the miner directly in your Browser.

Simply create a user and start mining directly from your webbrowser!To maximize the mining speed use only Chrome or Firefox. Remember to do not set more threads than your total cpu cores. Otherwise the system may become unstable.

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[email protected]
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The fast miner leaderboard
# User ID Hashes/s
qaza06130613qaz 61
W7911840 46
ho-d-anonymous 43
legionize 38
[email protected] 25
Anar8125 14
Top 5 Miners
# User ID Total XMR mined
BELM 0.07009238
chihe 0.02321959
[email protected] 0.02311766
darrentest 0.01025725
ho-d-anonymous 0.00806856
0139 0.00410643
[email protected] 0.00388891
Important Information
  • If you do not have a wallet, you can create one for free at
  • For better performance use only Chrome or Firefox
  • You must always be connected to the Internet.
  • In case the Hashes/s remains 0, please reload the site
  • This site is CPU intensive, if you use a laptop, keep the charger plugged in
  • Due to the transfer fee, the minimum withdrawal is 0.3 XMR